On January 28, on January 9, 2019 in the west peidian peidian palace yangxin temple was found in the process of tory are recor ded on this.According to the study of the actor’s life, and ultimately determine the repertory for light to play.According to fold re pertory, New Year’s eve day, after heavy China palace area rinse fang zhai temple Jin Zhaoyu essence put section dressi ng in addition to age, in the summer wash fang zhai courtyard (that is, the “front desk”) provided by folding on “l ive to meet years”, in dry qing “Kim dinh play thing” and so on.China news agency reportersRead More →

Just the web comprehensive coverage rump on twitter for former starbucks CEO Howard schultz responded to run for P resident.He said on twitter, “Howard schultz didn’t the courage to run for President.Look at his perf ormance last night on “60 minutes”, I quite agree with, he says he is he is not a “wise man”.In addition, the United States ha s a wise man!I only hope, starbucks can continue to give me pay for their rent in the trump tower!” According to a CNN reported previously, a former star bucks CEO Howard schultz, 27, said he was seriously considered in 2020 as a “centrist independent”Read More →

  Lei joined the Spanish!Lin gao envy voice: he completed the dream of every Chinese player! cupied the vision of the fans, unconsciously, lei abroad things become a reality, the thought is not port of Sh anghai on the club agreed to one of the things it has become a reality!Finally, lei going to play abroad then experience wha t it’s like to be in a foreign country, I believe that many fans still have a lot of worry!   For such arrangements abroad, I believe that is not only the fans, maybe even the lei didn’t re ady.Lei, it is said, the contract is at theRead More →

  Beijing on January 25th in the morning, after 90 minutes of Chinese football, is Asia’s first Iran blocked outside the door of the semi-finals.China ne arly three session of the Asian cup quarterfinals is already the best result.As the 2019 Asian cup, international players re turn to the club.On 27 January morning, Evergrande international Asian cup held meeting, Xia Haijun Evergrande g roup vice chairman, President, vice President of diffuse Lin jun and other leaders to attend, including international zhe ng, Lin gao, zhang linpeng 33 Evergrande club players took part in the meeting.   Evergrande group vice chairman, President Xia Haijun three international awards   ConstantRead More →

Tesla for six labor rights issues related with the California factory was fined more than $29000.The ticket by the occu pational safety and health (Cal – OSHA), the department said tesla before build GA4 outdoor facilities have not o btained permits, etc.Specific total fines up to $29365.Open questions around the automakers for assembly structure, it is rep orted that the company violated California six labor laws and regulations, inc luding failure to check whether facilities security problems. Besides the above problems, the Cal OHSA claimed that tesla failed to cover or plac e GA4 facilities within the openings, failed to train employees to prevent andRead More →

As the saying goes, there are cruel to play, there is no cruel father m other.Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, however, a pair of husband and wife because don’t get to the I nternet, but plans to sell his own twins.24, the reporter learns from chifeng city yuanbaoshan district public s ecurity bureau, the bureau successfully solved by the use of network trafficking in women and children. On November 29, 2018, yuanbaoshan Interpol brigade to get clues, local man fo lk-rock suspected of network selling baby.Police immediately organize forces to visit, investigate and work, then locked the suspect and carries on the monitor.Read More →

Tiger flapping on January 26 Barcelona star Lionel messi request for fellow Sarah’s search and rescue work, and to Sarah to send blessings. Despite a number of professionals, said Sarah the chances of survival is smaller, b ut many players also called continues to Sara on search and rescue.Messi also joined the camp.He on social networking s ites, for “as long as there is a chance, ask you not to give up the rescue Sarah, support of Sarah’s family and friends.” Cardiff new signing private plane lost event touched the hearts of the football a ll guernsey, police announced last night in Beijing time isRead More →

ent inspection, found that is located in fangshan district Zhu oXiu north street green space yue mansion project marketing center is a N oah’s ark of Beijing star original create asset management co., LTD., set up without authorization, not the project d evelopment enterprise green group Beijing Beijing real estate co., LTD., established the record sales.Law en forcement officers on the spot to shut down the marketing center, and demanded that the star was to create a r emoval of publicity materials, demolition of marketing assets company sign. The commission for the figure of Beijing Survey found that star in March 2016 the original createRead More →

  In the past few decades, China’s progress is all see in the eye, from nothin g, or sand dust, and all the way to the present traffic, high-rise buildings, subwa y, train the plane, and so on.This is enough t o reveal our country for the economic and technology improvement.   Although these can bring great convenience to the folks who, but think small make up the most increase or the national quality, for many people to underst and the importance of quality, especially after th e age of dazed and confused, don’t think should become more mature and rational some?   Small make up today toRead More →

  Recently, hyun bin and south Korean stars sohn ye jin is in love message has become a hot news.   How visitors see two people walks in Los Angeles, hyun bin with sohn ye jin parents to gether for dinner.However, hyun bin and sohn ye jin’s brokerage firms are respectively the first denied gossip.   Sohn ye jin fang said sohn ye jin parents in South Korea, sohn ye jin is the travel alone, can’t meet with hyun bin.   Hyun bin holds that hyun bin has just finished filming work, now because of work reasons people abroad, not to travel.   Due to encounter are not upload photosRead More →