Kenya’s special envoy to South Sudan Kalonzo Musyoka is in the east-central African co untry to follow up on implementation of the September 2018 peace agreement.上海龙凤 Musyoka held a discussion with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and other senior government officials on Thursday up on arrival to the country’s capital Juba, on the progress of implementation of the peace deal.上海龙凤女神会所 South Sudan’s presidency said in a statement that the consultative meeting bet 上海龙凤ween Musyoka and the stakeholders as well as signatories to the revitalized peace agreement is meant to ensure the formation of a transitional government of national unity by Nov 12. Musyoka’s visit toRead More →

will allow pr上海龙凤品茶微信ivate citizens to stay at the International Space Station (ISS) for mo nth-long getaways at a cost of about $35,000 per night, the US space agency said on Friday. The shift reverses a long-standing prohibition against tourists and private interests at the orbiting research lab, and refle cts a broader push to expand commercial activities at the ISS and in space more generally. It paves the way for private citizens to travel to the ISS aboard rocket- and-capsule launch systems being developed by Boeing Co and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The tw o companies are set to ferry astronauts to the ISS from USRead More →

 the impending oil crisis and the rising threat of the Islamic State group. China and India are the world ‘s largest and second-largest importers of oil and also the second-and fourth-largest buyers of liqu efied natural gas. As such, energy imports are critical to their development. The US’ attempts at regime change in Ira n and Venezuela-the world’s third-and fourth-largest oil suppliers-by imposing stifling sanctions accompanied by a m ilitary buildup in the Gulf have raised the specter of the potential closure of the Strait of Hormuz. China and India have revived their 2005 proposal and formed a “joint w orking group on energy” toRead More →

 of stock index futures. At present, onshore stock index futures are unavailable to overseas invest ors, and they can only hedge risks associated with investing in A shares through offshore instruments. “After the stock index futures market opens up, investor bases will dive rsify, helping China’s capital market achieve a higher efficiency in asset pricing,” Wang sai d, adding that capital market reform and opening-up is part of China’s moves to promote quality development. “One of the key priorities this year is to accelerate the development o f direct financing and the capital market, to strengthen the capital market’s capacity to pr omote economic growth,”Read More →

aker, said its shipments to Huawei have not been affected by the US ban on the latter’s access to US components, Reuters reported on Thursday. On Monday, the US Department of Commerce issued a 90-day temporary license, effective until Aug 19, allowing “specific limited engagement in tra nsactions involving the export, reexport, and transfer of items” to Huawei. Some analysts said the US moves against Huawei will lead to strong support for the unlisted Chinese firm as Huawei is working hard to offset the fallout of the restrictions. Xiang Ligang, director-general of telecom industry association Information Consu mption Alliance, said TSMC’s commitment to continue shippingRead More →

US soy farmers have urged Washington to work for a positive solution to the current tarif f dispute with the world’s top oilseed buyer China, and avoid further escalation of trade tensions. In a statement released late Tuesday, the American Soybean Association (ASA) described the t hreat by US President Donald Trump’s administration to increase the tariff rate from 10 percent to 25 p ercent on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods as the “worst case” for US soybean growers. “This is a predicament for soy growers,” said Davie Stephens, ASA president and a soybean farmer from Kentucky. “With depressed (soybean) prices and unsold stocksRead More →

meizi Industrial Co in Guangdong province, said people in lower-tier cities have huge consumption power. In 2016, the company’s oral care brand Saky reached customers in lower-tier cities for the first time. Mor eover, the quality of oral care products in this market varies, so there is huge potential. In addition to traditional sales channels such as supermarkets and stores, Saky was introduced to co nsumers in lower-tier cities by livestreaming hosts on social media platforms. The hosts used en tertaining methods to introduce oral care products and educate consumers about the correct way to use them. “On Kuaishou, the host placed some sesame powderRead More →

raduate department, said China has trained hundreds of foreign space engineers since the mid-1990s. However, those training sessions were mostly occasional, often accompanied a satellite export deal, and were mainly focu sed on ground-based control and applications of satellites rather than their design and production, the director said. “However, in recent years, along with the expansion in our cooperation in the space indu stry with other countries, many of our foreign partners voiced their hopes that we could hold some sort of syst ematic training programs to help them create their own spacecraft designers and technicians,” he said. Therefore, he said, “We decided to openRead More →

Demand for hospitality services grows as number of Chinese travelers surges While most of the country’s workers enjoy a welcome break in May, those working in pet hotels will barely have a chance to draw breath. Every holiday means a heavy workload for people working at pet hotels. As most fami lies can’t take their pets on holiday with them, a place in a pet hotel can be hard to find during peak times. “During National Day Holiday and Spring Festival, our resort was fully booked, because we only h ave 68 guest rooms-although it is a relatively large hotel in the industry,” said LiRead More →

lennial enjoyed buying many Palace Museum souvenirs, gifts and other creative produ cts. “I tried quite a few from makeup kits, lipstick, blush, to various creative gadgets. They are good so uvenirs in combining the Palace Museum culture and history with their functions,” Dong said. According to He Jianmin, a professor specializing in cultural tourism research at the Shanghai University of Finance and Econo mics, said both the Palace Museum and Shanghai Disneyland have high reputation among visitors. Since both bo ast intellectual property rights over their creative products, counterfeits are virtually unknown. Shanghai Disneyland, a $5.5 billion theme park, received more than 11 milliRead More →