rial structure, aiming to move from an agricultural province to a provin 上海龙凤1314品茶微信ce with strong industrial competitiveness,” said Du Jiahao, Party secretary of Hunan. “A modern industrial system dominated by manufacturing and related services is taking shap e in the province,” said Du, at a recent news briefing held by the State Council Information Office.上海龙凤1314 According to him, the total industrial output grew at an annual growth rate of 12.1 percen 上海龙凤1314t to hit 1.19 trillion yuan ($173 billion) in 2018, with a string of emerging sectors witnessing robust growth. The industrial output of 11 emerging sectors including machin ery, electronics, information and pharmaceuticals exceededRead More →

cratism and practicing formalism for formalism’s sake and to guide Party me mbers to keep the Party’s commitments in mind, it added.The global eco nomy is undergoing very large structural shifts, driven by three mega-trends. One is the digital transformation of th e foundations on which economies are built and run. Another is the growing purchasing power and economic strength of e merging economies, China in particular. And third, there are broad-based political economy trends, which inclu de rising nationalism, various forms of populism, political and social polarization, and a possible breakdown of the multilateral framework within which the global economy has functioned since theRead More →

g it causes collateral damage in the area around the tumor. A “satellite map” is needed for a precision strike, he said. Ma and his team put forward an individualized irradiation range and dose standard for radi otherapy. The result is a clear picture showing high – and low-risk areas, which then allows dose stratification. In 2014, an atlas of organs at risk in nasopharyngeal cancer patients was published in Radiotherapy and Oncology. It suggested tailoring both radiation doses and targets, and setting a reco mmended safety dose for protecting 33 normal organs around the nasopharynx. Today, the five-year overall survival rate for patients exceedsRead More →

mal’s, which means that the signs of trouble during the procedure will not be as obvious as with mammals. It is easier to cause irreversible damage if an unexpected situation is encountered.” “It’s obvious that their near-extinction was caused by huma ns,” he said. “We haven’t done the basic work of researching the turtles’ biological inf ormation, behaviors and genetics. The knowledge we have is too limited to save the species.” Save your look of judgment for anyone blocking your path as you try to walk past them on an escalator in Shanghai. The new safety notices posted in every metro station in the cityRead More →

tner of Qiming Venture Partners, Xu Xin, founding partner of Capital Today, and Tong Sh ihao, managing partner of GGV Capital. They ranked fifth, sixth and seventh respectively. The list was ranked by investors’ portfolio companies that have gone public or been acquired for at least $200 million over the past five years, or that have raised additional funding at a valuation of $400 million or more. “A record number of international investors, pa rticularly from China, and women investors are gradually changing the image of the Sil icon Valley venture capitalist,” said Alex Konrad, associate editor at Forbes, in an editor’s pick. He notedRead More →

UK lawmakers on Friday rejected the government’s divorce deal with the European Union for a third time, leaving Brita in just two weeks to decide between a long delay to Brexit and an abrupt no-deal departure from the bloc. Lawmakers in Britain’s House of Commons voted 286-344 against the withdrawal ag reement struck between Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU, rebuffing her plea to “put aside self and pa rty” and “accept the responsibility given to us by the British people” to deliver Brexit. A visibly frustrated May said the vote had “grave” implications. “The legal default now is that the United Kingdom isRead More →

 China on jointly building the Belt and Road, She said. Noting that the history of Italy-China exchanges for the past 50 years has been a history of dialo gue and friendship, the speaker said the Italian Senate is willing to facilitate exchanges between the two coun tries’ legislative institutions, and continue to make contributions to deepening Italy-China friendly cooperation. Xi arrived in Rome Thursday for a state visit to Italy, the first stop of his three-nation Europe tour, which will also take him to Monaco and France. Prince Albert II has visited China 10 times. As a member of the International Olympic Commi ttee, heRead More →