Recently, some netizens reported that in Liuzhou, Guangxi, a 90-year-old girl, Xiao Lu, passed by and saw an old man knocked down. When she got off to help the old man, passed a bridge, it was just in the middle of the bridge. Xiaolu saw an old man riding a bicycle on the bridge was hit by an electric bicycle. The old man was lying helplessly on the ground. At that time, Xiaolu was about to get off and help the old man, but because of the fache old man. When it was raining could not resist Xiaolu’s insistence on  out to help the oldRead More →

After voting by all members of the defense committee, it is suggested that the university academic degree comm ittee award her the master’s degree,” the chairman of the defense committee announced. Cheng Hao said he was deeply touched watching his sister’s over 40-minute of thesis defense. “T he doctors said others would have collapsed due to the unbearable pain and a body that can’t move.” “My sister was exhausted yet excited after the defense. It gave her enormous confidence. She will keep on reha bilitation training, get up someday and get back on track,” said Cheng Hao.Chinese people consume 2 trillion y uan ($289.85 billion)Read More →

ther professional measure that relates to safety. Anyone without experience climbing mountains above 8,000 meters, and w ithout adequate capability for independent movement is not allowed on Mount Qomolangma,” he said. Both overseas and domestic climbers must apply as part of a team, not personally, he said. Tibet installed a new ladder in a section of the climbing route in 2017, and provided c limbing ropes as long as 6,000 meters along the path between a section at 6,600 meters and the summit at 8,844 meters. Cleanup efforts on the mountain involve both environmental considerations and climbing safety. T he work has become routine, saidRead More →

 industries develop fast, and new sectors have been emerging, such as unmanned warehousing, facial recognition payments and new online-to-offline groceries.” Meng also said that a new version of the nationally unified negative list for market access will be rolled out w ithin the year. Illegal or implicit entry barriers and locally issued negative lists will be canceled, she said. The Chinese authorities will also establish and refine mechanisms for adjusting the annually released list when necessary, she said, adding that the list will better cope with the reforms to delegate power, streamline ad ministration and optimize government services, and will better meet the needs ofRead More →

Father-sharing”, a mini interactive program on WeChat platform, recently went viral on social media. Although the name suggests it is taking the sharing business to a whole new level, the program is just a promotion campaign by the Guangdong-based furniture maker Oppein. Similar to a ride-hailing app, the mini program shows different kinds of “fathers” – businessmen, athletes, etc. Users can choose their f avorite one, just like they select a car. Once the selection is done, a video pops up to explain what exactly is “father-sharing”. The over 5-minute video focuses on the important role fathers play in raisi ng a child. Most dadsRead More →

Socheat Chea, a Cambodian student with big dreams, wouldn’t attract much attention if he walked down a street in his country since he doesn’t talk a lot and is a bit shy around strangers. His classmate, Edgar Moreno Pena, who is from Venezuela, is more adept at socializing. He has a vocabulary of more than 200 Chinese words, tells shopkeepers on Beijing streets pia nyidian (give me a bigger discount) and uses Chinese-language food-delivery apps on his mobile phone. “I often do shopping at Taobao and JD,” he said, referring to China’s two most popular online shopping websites. Although the two foreign students have fewRead More →

lems for commercial and recreational fishing, boating and water skiing. It deters a lot of new business owners when they talk to us about opening in Kentucky,” Brooks said. In some waterways, carp are so abundant that they jump out of the water into boats, sometim es hitting boaters and creating a nuisance. The massive schools of the fish are also hazardous to water skiers on popular lakes. Commercial fishermen in pursuit of other types of fish have to try hard not to catch them. Asian carp are having a $7 billion negative effect on various businesses in the US. But He Lining, development managerRead More →

nuing to ignore congressional subpoenas and noted that Congress launched impeachment proceedings against P resident Richard Nixon in the 1970s after he resisted similar demands. Nixon resigned in 1974. “I think that the statements being made by the president of the United States as giving a blanket s tatement that he’s not going to honor any subpoenas is obstruction of justice,” Pelosi said. White House legal counsel Emmet Flood, in an April 19 letter to Barr obtained by Reuters on Thursday, said Trump’s d ecision to let advisers cooperate with the Mueller probe does not extend to congressional oversight investigations. “It is one thing forRead More →

Themed “Belt and Road, Shared Future,” the sixth session of Vision China, a series of talks h osted by China Daily, will be held at Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing on April 27. The event coincides with the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation to be held in Beijing on April 25 – 27. With the theme of “Belt and Road Cooperation, Shaping a Brighter Shared Fu ture,” the second BRF aims to bring about high-quality cooperation under the BRI framework. At Vision China, four Belt and Road experts, including Zhao Baige, chairwoman of the Advisory Committee of t he BeltRead More →

Guangdong will roll out a pilot policy taking effect May 10 to open up uninhabited islands for private development, according to local authorities. Guangdong has nearly 2,000 islands, more than 90 percent of which are uninhab ited, with a total area of 1,513.17 square kilometers and coastlines for 2,378.13 kilometers. According to the policy announced by the provincial Department of Natural Resources, mark et-oriented means for transferring the rights to uninhabited islands, including tendering and auct ioning, should be adopted for tourism and entertainment, transport, industrial warehousing and fishing. The department will be responsible for approving the transfers, wi th city-level and county-level natural resourcesRead More →