de has made various remarks about trade negotiations, with some saying the agreement w ill come out soon while others saying it’s still difficult to reach an agreement, from time to time. China’s position has been consistent, Lu said. “The trade frictions should be resolved through friendly con sultations and negotiations, which must be based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” he added. SOUTHAMPTON, England – Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was se t to storm to victory in a European election, riding a wave of anger at the failure of Prime Min ister Theresa May to take the United Kingdom out of the EuropeanRead More →

anization sued to block the subpoena issued in April to Mazars USA, an accountant for the president and Trump Orga nization. Trump’s lawyers accused Democrats of harassing Trump and said the subpoena “has no legitimate legislative purpose.” Trump’s lawyers, in suing in both Washington and New York in attempt to beat back congressiona l subpoenas, said congressional investigations are legitimate only if there is legislation that might result from them. In the New York case, Trump, his business and family have sued Deutsche Bank and Capital One to prevent the fi nancial companies from complying with subpoenas from the House Financial Services Committee and theRead More →

 with all nations is the Chinese way of engaging with the world. Benefiting the people and providing them with stability and prosperity are the distinctive value of Chinese civilization. Keeping reforming and innovating, and advancing with the times are the unchanged spirit of Chinese civilization. Following the rules of nature and uniting human and universe are the philosophy of existence for Chinese civilization. Consultations between China and the United States are not a one-way street, and should be co nducted amid a spirit of equality, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday in Russia. Wang said that it is pointless for oneRead More →

tier city, we will expand to neighboring lower-tier cities. For example, we have developed ve ry well in Xiamen (Fujian province), and based on this we will expand to smaller cities nearby,” he said. About 70 percent of small-town youths live from paycheck to paycheck, and most of their money goe s on household items, luxuries, entertainment and travel, according to a report on this age group rec ently released by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. “They also like quality products, good brands and are interested in being trendset ters,” said Sun Hongyan, a researcher at the China Youth andRead More →

Beijing’s municipal government has built bridges between Chinese co mpanies and countries associated with the Belt and Roa d Initiative in recent years and plans to enlarge its communication in more fields in the future. Xiong Jiuling, head of Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Office, said the capital w ill make greater efforts in nongovernmental exchange programs this year by enh ancing cooperation in commerce, technology, culture, education and urban management with other nations. “We will employ better arrangements and methods to coordinat e different departments to realize our target without increasing government spending,” she said. www.shlf234.cnRead More →

Chinese romance which opened across the country on April 19, has some scenes shot in Paris, including the Notre Dame Cathedral. The film, directed by Huo Jianqi, a renowned figure among China’s “Fifth Gene ration” directors, features supermodel-turned actress Du Juan and actor Chen Xiao. During a recently promotional screening, director Huo says the film examines the meaning of love and marriage. In the movie, there are several scenes featuring the lovebirds shown against the backg round of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged in a fire on April 15. The film, based on a short story penned by journalist An Dun, the featuresRead More →

e in Guangdong – 30 cases per 100,000 people – is more than 30 times higher than the rest of the world. When Ma was a visiting scholar in the United States, he found many patients we re Chinese-American, and most of their families were originally from Guangdong. An epidemiology study in 2010 traced the risk gene for this type of cance r to the Baiyue people, an ethnic group that lived in the area more than 2,000 years ago. In 1998, the US National Comprehensive Cancer Network proposed concomitant radiothera py and chemotherapy along with three courses of intensified adjuvant chemotherapy afterward to treatRead More →

 Canalys, said it is possible for Huawei to achieve its ambitious revenue target if it can maintain its current growth rate and everything goes well. “Huawei is also increasing the average selling price of its smartphones and expan ding its presence in the premium segment, which will significantly boost revenue,” Jia said. But the global smartphone market is reaching saturation point, so Huawei has to encroa ch on other smartphone vendors’ market share to maintain a good momentum, Jia added. On Thursday, Yu also unveiled the P30 smartphone series in Shanghai. Priced from 3,988 yuan ($594) in China, the P30 Pro co mes with optimizedRead More →

 of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, announced it will employ more than 100,000 delivery men in the next three years, with an aim to help their average wages increase by more than 20 percent. According to Cainiao, its parcel pick-up services within two hours has cov ered 284 cities across the country, which means the company’s logistics network has not only covered first-tier cities, but also third and fourth-tier cities and even rural areas. Industry insiders said JD is facing rising labor costs, and Cainiao’s intention of hiring more couriers will intensify competition in the country’s logistics and delivery sector. “Although JD Logistics is beefing upRead More →

 km on all kinds of road conditions with no accidents, presenting the leading position of Baidu’s Apollo system. The results of Baidu match the latest road test report by the Califor nian Department of Motor Vehicles in the United States in February. They show that t he Apollo system helped cars travel up to 29,117 km in 2018, a growth of 818 percent from the previous year.n addit ion, Baidu’s test fleet traveled some However, since China has more complicated driving and road conditions than the US, the DMV report has its limitations in terms of testing China’s autonomous cars. The main items tested byRead More →