On Jan 24, an album, titled China Music House-Kung Hei Fat Choi, was released online as the result of the project.   Six classic Chinese folk music pieces, including Bai Niao Chao Feng (Birds Paying Homage t o the Phoenix), which features the traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, have been ada pted and performed by Chinese musicians, including suona player Chen Baoli and erhu player Guo Gan.   Meanwhile, Lu Zhongqiang, the founder of 13 Month Cu ltural Communication, says that besides Chinese musicians, more than 30 mus icians from about 10 countries, including Poland, France and Cuba, have worked on the album.   In the pastRead More →

  from supermarkets, Greenpeace’s Kim says more must be done.   ”Consumers can bear the discomfort and reduce their use of single-use cups and straws,” she says. “But a greater portion of plastic production and waste is c reated by industry and their packaging. It’s time for industry to reduce plastic.”   Back in Uiseong, Park, the eggplant farmer, surveys the garbage mountain which pollutes her property.   ”It has become a part of regular life,” she says. “But the fact that the garbage hill is here … I feel a bit of shame.”   The government says it plans to clear 21,000 tons of trash from the b urningRead More →

hina is quickly closing the gap on the adoption of 3D printing, a sector on the cusp of transforming from prototyping and de sign to real-life manufacturing and end-user engagement, according to an industry executive. Some of the most advanced 3D printing applications will be driven b y Chinese companies, in light of the level of government incentives to promote the indu stry, said Michael Agam, Greater China general manager of Stratasys, a 3D prin ting and additive manufacturing solutions company based in the United States. “Customers and end-users are expecting new things in a much faste r pace than before, prompting companies to comeRead More →

  end to the Hanoi summit is likely not a deal breaker when it com es to diplomacy with Washington, but is certainly a major setback, said CNN Intern ational correspondent Will Ripley, who has visited the country 19 times and interviewed top officials.   ”Trump-Kim 2.0 was supposed to help both countries build trust, gain respect and d eepen mutual understanding,” Ripley said. “The fact that North Korean foreign ministry officials fe lt compelled to hold a rare press conference in the middle of the night in Hanoi shows how strongly they fe lt their position was grossly misrepresented at the podium by Trump.”   Both sidesRead More →

Trump claimed his administration had achieved “more than almost any administration in the history of the country” — and was met with open laughter. National security adviser John Bolton, a former ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush, was openly hosti le toward the UN during his 2005 to 2006 tenure. The Trump administration has cut US contributions to the UN, pulled out of several of UN organizations and opposed core UN-backed initiatives in recent years, including the Paris Agreement on climate and the Iran nuclear deal. Trump had wanted a woman to lead the US delegation at the United Nations, so urcesRead More →

  Many women are in the habit of using mask before going to sleep, raise colour, and relieve the mood, Ms. Tian also have this habit , and her face is quite expensive, but a few days ago, because a mask, Ms. Tian has received the punishment.   Ms. Tian opened a motor repair shop, in the evening, she just apply the mask, do not want to call a customer emergency telephone, car has no electricity, need to rescue, without further ado, Ms. Tian drove past.   Ms. Tian said: “I went out with the mask, because the mask one hundred bucks a piece, I’m not willing toRead More →

  January 18, has displayed and super wu relationship under seven years of actress Chen Yulin suddenly in a social account issued a lo ng, originally this is Chen Yulin parents for daughters, they said in the article, daughter after revealing and super wu’s extra-marital affa irs, the man in the form of them privately, and is willing to give a break-up fee, and hope the daughter don’t go broke, but then the man excuses but after only a small part of the money paid to extort money “exposed” name of the police arrest her daughter, it has been 2 months, if con victed or faceRead More →

Mr. Kumar was the first avowed atheist I ever met. Idiscovered this not in the classroom but at the zoo. He was aregular visitor who read the labels and descriptive notices intheir entirety and approved of every animal he saw. Each tohim was a triumph of logic and mechanics, and nature as awhole was an exceptionally fine illustration of science. To hisears, when an animal felt the urge to mate, it said “GregorMendel”, recalling the father of genetics, and when it was timeto show its mettle, “Charles Darwin”, the father of naturalselection, and what we took to be bleating, grunting, hissing,snorting, roaring, growling, howling, chirpingRead More →

Mao is not easy from the “Son of Tomorrow” this program has been very popular, with “People like me” popularity has increased greatly! From each of his songs, people can deeply feel his sincerity in music creation. When listening to his songs, people always have a special sense of artistic conception. This powerful singer, talent is not only a great close-up of him, but also his shy character is a very important factor for people to remember him! Now there is a place in the entertainment circle, and it is often invited to participate in some variety shows! In the latest variety show “Dear Inn”,Read More →

On the evening of December 15, at the junction of Xinting East Road and Tianyin Avenue in Jiangning, Nanjing, Mr. Li, a citizen, met with a very frightening event. After drinking that evening, he used a travel software to call Master Liu, who was sitting in the back seat of a fast-moving car, and suddenly found out in horror that the car was “driverless” – the driver was in abnormal condition without any reaction. The owner, Mr. Li, was so frightened that he braked from behind and stopped the car in time. After getting off the bus, Mr. Li was shocked to find that theRead More →