Still, presidential vetoes occur more often than you might think. Every president since Garfield has vetoed at least one bill. The younger Bush was the first president since John Quincy Adams to go a full four years without a veto, acco rding to the Congressional Research Service. The House, which was Republican-led for Bush’s entire first term, was protecting him from bills he opposed. Barack Obama, similarly, had help on Capitol Hill for most of his pr esidency, just as Trump has. But Obama did veto two bills even when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.   The President with the most vetoes was Democrat Roosevelt,Read More →

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has drawn up an action plan to impro ve the water quality of the Yangtze River over the next two years, it announced on Feb 28. The ministry aims to finish the overhaul of sewage outlets and eliminate nearly all water below Gra de V — the lowest quality grade in China’s five-tier system — near the river by 2020 under the action plan, whi ch was released by the ministry and the National Development and Reform Commission on Feb 25. Other goals include guaranteeing at least 1,000 metric tons of drinking water a day in the Yangtz eRead More →

attract foreign capital. The first is instability in the job market and relatively low labor efficiency. Particularly, the recent years have seen an increasing number of strikes and the failure of the g overnment to ease industrial relations conflicts with effective measures has crippled investor confidence in the country. Some foreign ent erprises even withdrew from Myanmar and shifted to neighboring countries, denting the image of the nation. Second, Myanmar’s backward infrastructure may deter potential investors. A small nu mber of power generation facilities and fragmented grids cannot ensure stable and sufficient po wer supply. Access to electricity is limited to only 26 percent ofRead More →