Jesus Madrazo, a member of Bayer’s executive leadership team and head of Agricultural Affai rs and Sustainability for the Crop Science division of Bayer, said the company, sensing tremendous op portunities in China, is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its operations in China. “There is a broad recognition that China has made tremendous prog ress in not only advancing food security, but also about the quality of what is grown, and gro w it not only more but also better, better for the consumers and better for the environment.” He said Bayer, having been operating in the Chinese market for more than 30 years,Read More →

turday announced its decision to expel Zhai from its post-doctoral station. The review of Zhai’s admissions materials during the interview and recruiting process was lax, the university said in the statement. There is no tolerance for academic misconduct which infringes on educational equality. Investigations into the cas e should not only about one person, but extend to related working procedures, a spokesperson for the Mi istry of Education said at a routine press conference on Friday in response to Zhai’s scandal. The scandal broke out two weeks ago and refused to die down after angry net izens condemned not only the academic fraud but alsoRead More →