told me that improving innovation capabilities to drive develop ment and deepen institutional reform, and using science to help build a moderately pr osperous society in all respects are expected to remain priorities during their discussions at the two sessions. Last year, China began pilot programs that aim to streamline the administration of scientific aff airs, promote innovation and efficiency, and grant more autonomy to science workers. The Ministry of Sc ience and Technology said in January that China will revamp its state key laboratory system. Zhao Jindong, a CPPCC National Committee membe r and a CAS academician, said these institutional reforms will have aRead More →

hina may still have a long way to go before it has the space capabilities depicted in the sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth. Yet it has undoubtedly made remarkable progress over the past decades. And it is China’s consistent policy to undertake its space program only for scient ific and technological progress, and to exploit space resources for peaceful purposes, a posi tion that was again accentuated by Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s lunar exploration program. A member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese P eople’s Political Consultative Conference, Wu said prior to the opening of the country’s top political advisory body’sRead More →

  plant business owner Lee Won-jeong in 2017 bought the site from Kim, but kept him on as manager. Lee is based in Busan, in the south of the country, and claims he was unaware of the problems at the site.   Lee says that after the sale, Kim deposited more than 80 times the amount of g arbage permitted at the site, including household waste, construction materials, and discarded polymer.   The manager of the site had a permit to dump 2,000 tons of waste, the site holds more than 80 times that now.   As the trash mountain decomposed, gas built up under the surface. In DecemberRead More →

The 40-day-long Spring Festival travel rush, which came to an end on March 1, recorded thre e billion trips made during the period, according to the Ministry of Transport, CCTV reported. The rush saw 410 million railway trips, up 7.4 percent on a yearly ba sis, while road trips fell 0.8 percent to 2.46 billion. The number of waterway trips stayed same as last year at 41 million, while plane travel jumped 12 percent to 73 million this year, the data showed. Local transportation departments improved transfer efficiency for travelers by extending the operation time of s ubways, launching night bus lines, and arranging taxisRead More →

  Kim Jong Un were executing a “nice walk” away from the table — but what exactly happened in Vietnam isn’t at all cle ar, as both sides emerged with different stories in the hours after they packed up and headed home.   Trump was unpleasantly surprised by a demand from Kim that all sanctions be lifted on North Korea, according to a pe rson familiar with the negotiations, believing the young despot had come to Hanoi prepared to deal.   But North Korean Foreign Minister Ru Yong Ho offered a contradictory story. “What we proposed was not the rem oval of all sanctions, but their partial removal,”Read More →

  BEIJING — China will push forward reform in national defense education in 2019, acc ording to a circular released by the national defense education office Thursday.   The circular said a document on deepening reform in national defense education is planned to be released this year.   The country also plans to revise its national defense education law and work out draft regulations on promoting natio nal defense education at educational institutions and social organizations participating in national defense education.   According to the official in charge of the office, the country will hold a series of educational campaigns including lectu res, contests and learning activities to attractRead More →

  multiple sexual, illegal acts against a 14-year-old girl,” he told reporters Friday. He said Foxx’s investigation was “very thorough … dedicated and methodical.”   CNN has seen the VHS tape, which is 42 minutes and 45 seconds, clear and explicit . It appears to show Kelly having sex with a girl who refers to her body parts as 14 years old.   In a news conference Friday, his attorney told reporters he did not know what was on the tape.Greenberg brought a point of contention to one of the cases in the indictment.   ”One of the charges appears to involve the same alleged victim from the earlierRead More →

  green and blue, supports three apps at one time: You can watch Netflix, Google something and answer text messages at the same time.   Consumers who flock to big screens, whether for gaming or the a bility to see more of their data in one place, may be attracted to the unique concept. Samsung has a lready proven that there’s interest around larger-screen smartphones with the success of its Galaxy Note line.   But Samsung will need to convince developers to design apps for the unique form factor, and cons umer demand out of the gate might not be enough to encourage this considering the price point.Read More →

will be publicized on the CNIPA website and China Intellectual Property News, a Beijing-base d newspaper, and face other punishments administered by related authorities, according to the draft. They will also be blacklisted and exposed via a national credibility information sharing system. Trademarks achieved by this means will be declared void, the draft says. “The long-awaited regulations draft came as no surprise,” Li said. “Such regulations are necessary, especially amid continuous growth in IP filings in China.” The number of trademark applications from the country has topped the world for ye ars, according to statistics from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Data from the CNIPARead More →

ve with her husband Liu Xiaolong, a Chinese man from Tianmen City, in Hubei Province, when she was a student at St. Petersburg State University in Russia. They got married in Wuhan in 2014, and settled in the city. As she is in charge of trade in her company, Liu often travels to Russia on bu siness, negotiating with Russian companies. So far, she has helped intr oduce wine, dairy products, grain and oils from many Eurasian countries to Chinese consumers. Liu is proud that she can contribute to the economic and trade ties between China and Russia. Working and living in China for manyRead More →